Monday, June 24, 2013

Creepy crawlers and Disney are spooky!

Miles is totally crawling now. And, he's pushing up to sitting and gettin' back down to crawl. He's even climbing on various low objects (the scale I keep in front of the fridge, for instance- I'm sure we ALL know why that's placed there, so I won't elaborate). AND, he's got not one tiny tooth, but TWO- his lower right pearly gem is also there, alongside his Baby Daddy's Day gift (the lower left).

Maxwell loves movies. We're lazy exhausted parents, so we let him watch them. A lot. When he comes to the inevitable sad/spooky/non-Disney-absurdly-upbeat part his eyes get wide and he runs or calls over to us, "Dat part liddle scary!" Like, the part in Madagascar during which Alex the lion discovers his savage predatory instincts and takes off after Marty the zebra (voiced by Chris Rock, and don't you know it: genius animators made Marty the zebra LOOK like the funny comic. How do they do it?).

He woke up two nights ago after sleeping for roughly an hour mumbling something. Bjarni went in to him and he was mumbling about having to go pee pee, I guess. So, he gets up all groggy-like and jogs out to the yard (we're in the Swedish cabin so you can do those horrid things out here, okay?) to do his biznatch. Meanwhile he's telling Daddy that "I'm haven't woke up too erh-ee (early)," which is what he says each morning when he gets up and wakes us at 5:30 am.

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  1. Love all the anecdotes. You have me smiling and laughing and missing all of you completely!! Way to go Miles! Love, auntie Cait