Thursday, January 3, 2013


We cannot express how glad we are to have had ushered in the new year healthy and happy. 2012 was a year of immense stress coupled with the immense joy of getting our little Miles, purchasing a condo, finally getting a car to cart around the family and settling in with the invaluable help of family and friends.

December, in particular, was rough. Barely made it through, to be frank. Bjarni learned his contract will expire in February without hope for an immediate renewal which places us under financial strain soon. We know, ultimately, that this will be a wonderful, changing moment for him as he hasn't been the happiest with his work, but it is stressful facing this nonetheless.

Miles and I were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance the week before Christmas because he was suffering from the RSV virus- only a special visit to the pediatrician could diagnose him, after both a trip to the ER due to my concerns regarding this labored breathing and a trip to our regular GP. (!!!!!!!)
How they both missed the signs, I will never know- so infuriating and scary to be treated like a hysterical mother. Mothers, always trust your instincts! The only reason we were at the pediatrician in the first place was to monitor Miles' weight, as the doc doesn't think he is gaining enough weight. :/ despite my efforts to increase my supply, he is sucking me dry and left wanting. So, we might be supplementing with formula, which doesn't make me too happy. Better a satisfied, thriving baby than the alternative, right?

This comes on top of his lingering gas, or colic, problems! Oh, my!

But, he is so chill when he doesn't have gas- loves to stare and wiggle and talk to his hanging mobiles. He loves talking to Tia D the most and gives her a stunning supply of smiles and coos. I'm a bit jealous, but that's okay. :)
He started smiling at five and a half weeks, has inadvertently grabbed his hanging activity center, is a total night owl (very much the opposite of Maxwell), and will lie on his own contentedly which is another thing baby Maxwell didn't do at this age.

Miles' eyes are definitely going brown, his overall complexion darker than his brother's. And, he's loooong- in his 6 months jammies at two and a half months.

Max is increasing,y talkative and, it is certainly true what they say, kids say the darnedest things! He's constantly keeping us in stitches with what he comes up with. Of we ask him if we can do something for him, like fetching him a glass of milk, he responds, "yes, you may."
He says thank you on his own, which warms the heart- it has been my mission that he (and his brother) will have impeccable manners!
He eats pâté sandwiches with red beets and loves his "beet fingers" afterwards. He says, "woooow..." in an awed whisper when we tell or show him interesting things, like a big snow plow coming down the street.
He loves Gangnam Style and we have a dance party all the time. He even sings it at random times, say in the store, "... Heeeeey sexy lay-day..." cracks us up.

He did give the whole family a stomach virus over Christmas, but we all survived so he will be foregiven. :)

Christmas was so cozy, both Eve and Day, with family, friends (So happy to have DeAnna staying with us these days)and neighbors who were home. We drank yummy cocktails, ate till we burst, opened our traditional "thrift store Christmas" gifts, sang around the tree and played Bezzerwizzer. All in all, a fabulous holiday, especially following the tumultuous week prior. Our downstairs neighbor,with a sweet dog,was alone on Christmas because he is a social worker for a young man with MS. He was on call both days, in case he needed or wanted to do anything. We had him and the spaniel Aya up for dinner, drinks and coziness.

Oh, and while we were in the hospital with Miles someone broke into our car and stole about a grand worth of fishing supplies and Bjarni's, thankfully empty, briefcase. Who does that at the hospital??!!! We had toay for the window and locks to be replaced on our apartment, but insurance will cover the contents of the car.

I am doing great, but the body is much slower to recover this time around. And, I'm not a patient person! It's quite warm for this time of year, so the ice is gone of the sidewalks. Jogging starts today, in fact!

We spent the New Year in Sweden and just made it home yesterday... I expect big changes this year. Big, good changes.

Hope all your holidays were blessed with lots of love, health and peace.

Pictures show our little, humble abode!