Monday, November 26, 2012


Maxwell now recognizes his own name written down, sings along to the ABCs and can identify letters (some, anyway). He loves to dance to Hip Hop, the moon and stars, fishing, animals (esp. tigers) and his new brother, Miles! He loves preschool- doing puzzles or playing 'ferocious tiger' with his buddy Alfred and playing outside in the sandbox making pancakes. His favorite books are Green Eggs and Ham and Brown Bear, Brown Bear (thanks Aunt Jilli!), and now he's really into this Shell book called 'Sharing a Shell' by the author of the nouveau classic The Gruffalo.

He's starting to understand about Santa and Christmas-- that he has to be a good boy and practice 'good-boy listening' and his 'indoor voice'. Above all, he's a very well-behaved little guy and we're so happy for that. I'm looking forward to getting our first Christmas tree this year and to do some classic, homemade decorating around the house. We'll have my in laws over for Danish Christmas on the evening of the 24th and they'll stay overnight with us to wake up early for American Christmas on the 25th. Love the holidays with all the coziness and great company!!!!

Now on to the BIGGEST news: Miles was born on Friday, October 19th at 9:45 pm. At 38 weeks and 6 days, he topped the charts at 21 inches and 8 pounds of cutie patootie! Sara and D were here to prepare and do all the housework while I took daily naps leading up to going into labor. Lifesavers! I only hope I can repay the priceless favor, so get busy ladies!!! ;)

It was a swift 3 hour natural labor and delivery, although a bit too much bleeding meant we had to stay in the hospital until Sunday for monitoring. Thank heaven it was nothing serious. Miles is up every two hours at night- how else can he be 23 inches and in his 3 month old outfits at 5 weeks?! Love him! And, within 5 days he'd put on the 200 grams of weight he'd lost after birth and then some! Big boy on my hands!

He can already hold his head up at 90* and has the same right dimple my mother and I inherited from Great Aunt Francis Spurling and Bjarni's dimpled chin. He's double dimpled!

Miles, a bit of a darker horse, looks an awful lot like his big bro- who delights in holding him, kissing him gently and helping in any way possible. He's great at helping burp, diaper and soothe his little brother and squeals like baby Miles when he hears one of those newborn high pitched ones. Max likes to say Miles is waving and looking at him, even when he's fast asleep. Aside from sticking grimy fingers in his little brother's ears and mp Maxwell is one awesome big brother and it's only been a week.

All the above comes on top of having moved 8 weeks ago into our first condo. In the Eastern Borough (Østerbro) of Copenhagen, our new abode is just what the long wait and doctor ordered (literally). We've even got a little pot bellied stove for the long winters! I can't wait to have Christmas here with the family and 100% settled in (a few things remain on our to-do list).

And... if that's not enough, my amazing father has been here to visit this past week. He brought all kinds of goodies for the boys from the US and also spoiled us parents by holding Miles for hours while I ran around like a chicken without a head speed cleaning and played Legos or trains with Maxwell like he was also only 2 and a half. I only wish the ocean wasn't as wide as it is. Who knows? Maybe we'll pack up the whole enchilada and spend a few years in beautiful California.

Pictures this round:

you will find Maxwell chowing on a roast duck leg from St. Martin's Night at Farfar's house and him 'eating' his 'kill' (he had shot the rabbit skin with the bicycle pump and flung himself on top to devour it)

Tia D holding Miles

All my boys together soon after bringing baby home

Yogi Dada and Miles

Maxwell who had put on very own pants- backwards, no less ;)

and Chubby Miles lounging on my legs.