Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Maxwell turned 2 big, whopping years on April 5th, and I finally snagged some photos from Uncle Cheddy (Teddy) who was there to help celebrate. Because of the long Easter holiday, we packed up, scooped up Auntie Sav (Sara) and Uncle Ched from the airport and drove to our cabin in the Swedish forest. Maxwell had presents coming out of his ears! What with Easter eggs, chocolates, multiple cakes and birthday gifts, the little dude finally figured out that it was his special day! The only downside is, of course, trying to get him to eat his once-beloved broccoli after indulging on sweets and white floury stuff all weekend. Perseverance, Mama! Despite all the amazing gifts and love he received, I have a feeling that the best treat of all was his visit with our neighbor's dog, Fie (Fee-uh). They have a special bond, those two.