Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free accomodation in Sweden!

It's the middle of July and as I sit to write this, the drizzle outside makes for an enchanted, cozy morning out here in the forests of Sweden's Småland region.

A break from the thesis, the internship paper, the everyday hustle bustle of city life for a month. Ah. I should be so lucky.

Maxwell's 15 months and sure acting like it. Between his insatiable curiousity and penchant for all things 'forbidden' to him, we are on our toes every minute of every day. As I'm certain all other parents will agree, I have NO idea how he does it, but each morning he wakes even cuter than the previous.

His love for farm animals and their respective sounds keeps growing-- the little lambs at our neighbor's go 'meeeeeeee!' according to the little dude and it was amazing witnessing him try to wrap his mouth around that one after watching Mommy work her animal-sounds talent.
Last night he attempted 'gobble-gobble'. Hilarious stuff, man.
He also got confused yesterday when I mentioned the 'kitchen' thinking I was talking about his beloved 'chickens'.

We were fortunate enough to be charged with watching over our neighbor's farm while the were away for the weekend. Maxwell (and Farmer Bjarni) got a real taste of the dedication and responsibility it demands. Morning and night we tended to the horses, sheep, plants and cats. Suffice it to say: we love our freedom to pack up a tent and our toddling babe and take off for the great unknown(or at the very least, the notion of being able to do so). We did, in fact, enjoy caretaking for the few days, though. Maxwell loved it and we were even able to have their dog, Fie (Fee-ah), come stay with us in our church. She was steadfastly patient despite her obvious dislike for toddler loving (if you've never seen a dog roll its eyes, I assure you it's really rather amusing).

Maxwell is running now. About to start hopping any day now. Goes and fetches items at our request now (that is, if he is feeling cooperative). He has what we call the 'reverse rabbit'-- still only the two front teeth on the bottom, but quite a few on top. I do see some molars beginning to swell along the bottom, poor little dude.
He'll kiss things on command now. He still dances like a maniac at the first beat of a song. He is totally fascinated with his ability to sit down onto things (I think it has something to do with being aware of what is behind him, out of site).

We had my dear college friend, Sean, and his boyfriend, Malcolm, out for a visit from NYC. I won't write too much about it because putting the pleasure of their visit and company down in words on a blog just doesn't do justice. I love them both.

If you're reading this, we probably love you quite a bit, too. Come visit. We're here for two more weeks.


(Pictures this time around include: Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell. And, one with, drumroll... Maxwell! and our friends' beautiful daughters who came to visit us last week. And, one of me (pacifing, drumroll... Maxwell!) in the car-- it's nothing special, but I never seem to capture me in the mix, so there ou go! And, one of the little prince passed out. Sorry, no pictures of the farm animals-- I guess running around up to our knees in lamb s**t isn't all that conducive to ideal photo ops.)