Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Justin Bieber

Vocabulary repertoire:
Duh (for doggie)
Buh (for birdie and for Bug, the Boston Terrier at daycare)
Fah (far)
Dadd-oh (daddy)
Mam (Danish word kids use for 'food')
no (by far his favorite word so we're working on his yeses)
ca-ker (cracker)
Na-nuh (banana)
cah (car)
and a whole lotta garble-dee-gook.

He blows raspberries while driving his cars around. Brrrrrrrroooooom! (He loves cars, tractors, buses, forklifts, you get the picture.)

Maxwell stared walking and talking at 13 months.

He's so totally amazing with balls-- not just his own! He tosses, rolls, kicks his ball around.

He likes to pretend to talk on our phones and picks them up placing them to his ear. (We limit this, of course.)

He's so beautiful, our neighbor still thinks he's a little princess despite the blue, green, and brown attire (and I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise). Plus, he may decide one day that he is, in fact, a princess.

He's got 7 teeth.

He's obsessed with ALL animals.

He really enjoys his twice-daily diaper-free times... nothing as cute as a naked baby butt, in my book!

He loves sticking his finger in Far's belly button.

Arranging and rearranging piles of laundry.

Grimacing at us.



Pivoting around on one foot-- efficient walking at its finest!

Waking up with Justin Bieber hair do.

Throwing angry tantrums when he doesn't get his way (thank you goes out to 2 y/o Olivia at daycare for this and many other things-- his fondness for the word 'no', 'Dadd-oh', grimacing-- she's a charmer!).

Looking out the window at the world's goings-on.

Nursing. He actually asks for nursing more often now-- he uses baby signs for nursing, 'more', drink and 'sleepy-bye'.

Me? Writing the thesis and looking for work.
And, I gots to say: Mothering a toddler is so much fun (and work). I love how interactive he is these days-- it seems like every morning he wakes up with a new glint in his mischievous eyes and being witness to the moment he makes a simple discovery (like pivoting or moving shadows on the wall) is absolutely priceless.

Bjarni? working, dreaming of fishing, planning his annual best-chums hiking trip. All this while being class-A father and husband. Too good to be true.

Other news:

They uncovered toxic mold in the basement directly below our apartment. And, basically very little between our radiators and the toxic miasma down below-- a mere wooden board and what with the radiator channeling air, it's basically circulating poison up into our apartment. So, while they are renovating the basement we are stuck between two apartments. Luckily they are neighboring. Unluckily we spend all our time in an unfurnished apartment, sleeping on the floor. Better than living in poison, right?

Also, Maxwell will be starting big boy daycare next week. He's in a group of up to 2 y/o toddlers called the "Chicks". So cute. Luckily I think his old daycare pal, Olivia, taught him how to fend for himself. Unluckily I will not be seeing my awesome new friend, Sharon, on a daily basis. I'm sure we'll figure out many ways to see one another!

Pictures this time:

1) Justin Bieber post-nap hair do
2) Maxwell vacuuming (blurred hiney-buns courtesy of me)
3) Maxwell walkin'

Mama out.