Monday, April 4, 2011

One is NOT the loneliest number!

Hello ya'll,

Today, I'm one. One finger, one high five, one clap of the hands, one wave goodbye. A year ago my mama pushed and pushed and I came out to explore this here crazy world.

I'm playing games now. Peek-a-boo, tag, copycat. I love, love, love to dance! Put on any music and I will shake my little booty and bounce around. (I get my moves from Mama.)

I've had one little haircut-- my Mama had to get my hair outta my eyes, although she was much against it.

I stand, but don't quite walk unassisted yet.

I say "Hej hej" (goodbye) in my own baby way while I wave.

I love Plet ("Spot"), my stuffed dog from Babi.

I love destroying stuff-- ripping out my toys from my toy box, taking out all my dad's undies from an opened drawer, pulling down all the books from my book self, toppling block towers my mama so patiently builds.

I love banging on my drum and touching anything with lights.

I love bathtime with Daddy and am okay about having my 4 (almost 5-6) teeth brushed before bed.

I love waking up early-- 5 am suits me just fine.

I love nursing still with my mama. I think she'll keep it up through summer.

I love bike rides with Far (a new discovery!).

I love my red wooden top from Faster Julie. I get so excited when my parents pick it up 'cuz I know it's gonna spin 'round and 'round!

I love spending time with my bedsteforaelder, Flemming & Henriette, and I think my Fasters, Julie & Bjoerg, are so pretty.

I am so happy to have my Gramps and Uncle Raj here to help me celebrate turning one.

I love Skyping with Grammy every week. She always makes silly faces for me to laugh at.

But, most of all I love my mama and far.