Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tighty Whities

(I forgot to post this, his 11 month update... It is a bit outdated now seeing as though he turns 1 today. Oops... Hope you enjoy anyway!)

Maxwell's lastest trick (yes, he does tricks, just like a pup) is standing up at Daddy's underwear drawer and pulling them out one by one. He love it. I only hope it doesn't turn out to become a fetish-- although... now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps an 'thing' for undies could be something to foster right now in the hopes potty training goes off with as little a hitch as possible...

He's 11 months. Standing, sitting, crawling, cruising, 4 teeth, still has hazel eyes, loves animals, says "mam mam mam" at breakfast time and what sounds an awful lot like either "allah" (we do live right next door to the only mosque in Denmark...) or "Arla" which would be the huge Danish dairy. "Mama" and "Dada" happen sometimes, as well, but neither seem particularly directed at us.

He makes quick little focused attempts at standing on his own. He climbs up and down off of our bed (it's low to the ground). He loves meat (just like his father and bedstefar). He loves balloons, sticking out his pointer finger to meet yours, doggies, watching the garbage truck in the mornings, anything forbidden (laptops, cords, phones, his parents reading material), his handmade red French spinning top from Faster Julie, hot oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon, walking (or running!) around like a show pony while holding onto our fingers, pooping at the most inopportune times (5 am or right as I rock him to sleep for a nap), going to part time daycare (thanks to wonderful Sharon, her toddler Olivia, and the cutest little Boston Terrier Bug), chewing on his fingers, showers with Mama or Far, playing with other kids (big and small), and his new lift-the-flap farm book from Auntie Cait. He's a real chatterbox-- the only times he's truly quiet are when he's sleeping or being 'kissed' by Bug at daycare.

And, I love him. So very, very much. It's incredible, really.