Monday, January 31, 2011

9 rolls into 10

Before you know it, our 9 month old is 10 months and finally just broke a tooth! No photo documentation as of yet, it's merely a sharp little ridge perceptible to the touch... He's now pulling himself up to standing and wakes up even cuter each morning.

We had a great 3 week trip to California. Between friends and family, driving and eating, we barely had time to do what we really go to the US for: shopping.

Okay, okay. Kidding. But, all we did was visit friends, eat incredible food, drive around, shop at every destination, and enjoy family. Three weeks of sheer bliss (well, many occasions of bliss peppered with moments of lunacy and/or exhaustion.)

Maxwell was a dream come true on both plane trips-- inbound and out-. And, he was amazing nearly the entire time. Towards the end of our visit at Grammy's in Palm Springs, he discovered that Mama and Maxwell are not one and the same. He basically freaked out a few evenings as I tried to sneak off with either Raj for sibling bonding time or my chubby hubby for date nights. All in all, that's a small price to pay for him having been so gosh darn good otherwise, and a little time off.

Our visit with Auntie Sara and Tia D in Occidental was superb. They have a little cabin-esque joint up in beautiful Camp Meeker. We ate, drank, and hiked ourselves merry. I love them so much and miss them terribly every time we're apart.

On the drive back from Grammy's we sneaked in a visit with best friend Caitlyn and her family in Morgan Hill. Three babes under 5, and she and her husband look amazing! (They, like us, know the value of a good, tight swaddle on a newborn for a restful night's sleep!!!) Cait's home looked immaculate. Her girls, Lilly and Jocelyn, were so well behaved, and baby boy Jonas didn't say 'boo' the entire dinner. Cait made a delicious dinner (hoping to get my mitts on those recipes!), kept the kids entertained, and we got a bit of conversation in edgewise (never enough, though, we both agreed). The girls love playing dress up and made sure Maxwell was not left out. Superman came to the rescue!!!!!

Being in SF was so cozy at my Dad's. The best part, however, was watching Gramps interact with his one and only grandson. It was like watching someone fall in love each time he set eyes on Maxwell. Gramps was so good with him, too! They loved watching the neighborhood blue jays fly down to the balcony and scoop up peanuts.

Thank you everyone for the major hospitality! We can't wait to come back for summer!

(Pictures this round: at Caitlyn's and from our recent weekend at my in-law's in Roskilde.)