Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free accomodation in Sweden!

It's the middle of July and as I sit to write this, the drizzle outside makes for an enchanted, cozy morning out here in the forests of Sweden's Småland region.

A break from the thesis, the internship paper, the everyday hustle bustle of city life for a month. Ah. I should be so lucky.

Maxwell's 15 months and sure acting like it. Between his insatiable curiousity and penchant for all things 'forbidden' to him, we are on our toes every minute of every day. As I'm certain all other parents will agree, I have NO idea how he does it, but each morning he wakes even cuter than the previous.

His love for farm animals and their respective sounds keeps growing-- the little lambs at our neighbor's go 'meeeeeeee!' according to the little dude and it was amazing witnessing him try to wrap his mouth around that one after watching Mommy work her animal-sounds talent.
Last night he attempted 'gobble-gobble'. Hilarious stuff, man.
He also got confused yesterday when I mentioned the 'kitchen' thinking I was talking about his beloved 'chickens'.

We were fortunate enough to be charged with watching over our neighbor's farm while the were away for the weekend. Maxwell (and Farmer Bjarni) got a real taste of the dedication and responsibility it demands. Morning and night we tended to the horses, sheep, plants and cats. Suffice it to say: we love our freedom to pack up a tent and our toddling babe and take off for the great unknown(or at the very least, the notion of being able to do so). We did, in fact, enjoy caretaking for the few days, though. Maxwell loved it and we were even able to have their dog, Fie (Fee-ah), come stay with us in our church. She was steadfastly patient despite her obvious dislike for toddler loving (if you've never seen a dog roll its eyes, I assure you it's really rather amusing).

Maxwell is running now. About to start hopping any day now. Goes and fetches items at our request now (that is, if he is feeling cooperative). He has what we call the 'reverse rabbit'-- still only the two front teeth on the bottom, but quite a few on top. I do see some molars beginning to swell along the bottom, poor little dude.
He'll kiss things on command now. He still dances like a maniac at the first beat of a song. He is totally fascinated with his ability to sit down onto things (I think it has something to do with being aware of what is behind him, out of site).

We had my dear college friend, Sean, and his boyfriend, Malcolm, out for a visit from NYC. I won't write too much about it because putting the pleasure of their visit and company down in words on a blog just doesn't do justice. I love them both.

If you're reading this, we probably love you quite a bit, too. Come visit. We're here for two more weeks.


(Pictures this time around include: Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell. And, one with, drumroll... Maxwell! and our friends' beautiful daughters who came to visit us last week. And, one of me (pacifing, drumroll... Maxwell!) in the car-- it's nothing special, but I never seem to capture me in the mix, so there ou go! And, one of the little prince passed out. Sorry, no pictures of the farm animals-- I guess running around up to our knees in lamb s**t isn't all that conducive to ideal photo ops.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Justin Bieber

Vocabulary repertoire:
Duh (for doggie)
Buh (for birdie and for Bug, the Boston Terrier at daycare)
Fah (far)
Dadd-oh (daddy)
Mam (Danish word kids use for 'food')
no (by far his favorite word so we're working on his yeses)
ca-ker (cracker)
Na-nuh (banana)
cah (car)
and a whole lotta garble-dee-gook.

He blows raspberries while driving his cars around. Brrrrrrrroooooom! (He loves cars, tractors, buses, forklifts, you get the picture.)

Maxwell stared walking and talking at 13 months.

He's so totally amazing with balls-- not just his own! He tosses, rolls, kicks his ball around.

He likes to pretend to talk on our phones and picks them up placing them to his ear. (We limit this, of course.)

He's so beautiful, our neighbor still thinks he's a little princess despite the blue, green, and brown attire (and I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise). Plus, he may decide one day that he is, in fact, a princess.

He's got 7 teeth.

He's obsessed with ALL animals.

He really enjoys his twice-daily diaper-free times... nothing as cute as a naked baby butt, in my book!

He loves sticking his finger in Far's belly button.

Arranging and rearranging piles of laundry.

Grimacing at us.



Pivoting around on one foot-- efficient walking at its finest!

Waking up with Justin Bieber hair do.

Throwing angry tantrums when he doesn't get his way (thank you goes out to 2 y/o Olivia at daycare for this and many other things-- his fondness for the word 'no', 'Dadd-oh', grimacing-- she's a charmer!).

Looking out the window at the world's goings-on.

Nursing. He actually asks for nursing more often now-- he uses baby signs for nursing, 'more', drink and 'sleepy-bye'.

Me? Writing the thesis and looking for work.
And, I gots to say: Mothering a toddler is so much fun (and work). I love how interactive he is these days-- it seems like every morning he wakes up with a new glint in his mischievous eyes and being witness to the moment he makes a simple discovery (like pivoting or moving shadows on the wall) is absolutely priceless.

Bjarni? working, dreaming of fishing, planning his annual best-chums hiking trip. All this while being class-A father and husband. Too good to be true.

Other news:

They uncovered toxic mold in the basement directly below our apartment. And, basically very little between our radiators and the toxic miasma down below-- a mere wooden board and what with the radiator channeling air, it's basically circulating poison up into our apartment. So, while they are renovating the basement we are stuck between two apartments. Luckily they are neighboring. Unluckily we spend all our time in an unfurnished apartment, sleeping on the floor. Better than living in poison, right?

Also, Maxwell will be starting big boy daycare next week. He's in a group of up to 2 y/o toddlers called the "Chicks". So cute. Luckily I think his old daycare pal, Olivia, taught him how to fend for himself. Unluckily I will not be seeing my awesome new friend, Sharon, on a daily basis. I'm sure we'll figure out many ways to see one another!

Pictures this time:

1) Justin Bieber post-nap hair do
2) Maxwell vacuuming (blurred hiney-buns courtesy of me)
3) Maxwell walkin'

Mama out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One is NOT the loneliest number!

Hello ya'll,

Today, I'm one. One finger, one high five, one clap of the hands, one wave goodbye. A year ago my mama pushed and pushed and I came out to explore this here crazy world.

I'm playing games now. Peek-a-boo, tag, copycat. I love, love, love to dance! Put on any music and I will shake my little booty and bounce around. (I get my moves from Mama.)

I've had one little haircut-- my Mama had to get my hair outta my eyes, although she was much against it.

I stand, but don't quite walk unassisted yet.

I say "Hej hej" (goodbye) in my own baby way while I wave.

I love Plet ("Spot"), my stuffed dog from Babi.

I love destroying stuff-- ripping out my toys from my toy box, taking out all my dad's undies from an opened drawer, pulling down all the books from my book self, toppling block towers my mama so patiently builds.

I love banging on my drum and touching anything with lights.

I love bathtime with Daddy and am okay about having my 4 (almost 5-6) teeth brushed before bed.

I love waking up early-- 5 am suits me just fine.

I love nursing still with my mama. I think she'll keep it up through summer.

I love bike rides with Far (a new discovery!).

I love my red wooden top from Faster Julie. I get so excited when my parents pick it up 'cuz I know it's gonna spin 'round and 'round!

I love spending time with my bedsteforaelder, Flemming & Henriette, and I think my Fasters, Julie & Bjoerg, are so pretty.

I am so happy to have my Gramps and Uncle Raj here to help me celebrate turning one.

I love Skyping with Grammy every week. She always makes silly faces for me to laugh at.

But, most of all I love my mama and far.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tighty Whities

(I forgot to post this, his 11 month update... It is a bit outdated now seeing as though he turns 1 today. Oops... Hope you enjoy anyway!)

Maxwell's lastest trick (yes, he does tricks, just like a pup) is standing up at Daddy's underwear drawer and pulling them out one by one. He love it. I only hope it doesn't turn out to become a fetish-- although... now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps an 'thing' for undies could be something to foster right now in the hopes potty training goes off with as little a hitch as possible...

He's 11 months. Standing, sitting, crawling, cruising, 4 teeth, still has hazel eyes, loves animals, says "mam mam mam" at breakfast time and what sounds an awful lot like either "allah" (we do live right next door to the only mosque in Denmark...) or "Arla" which would be the huge Danish dairy. "Mama" and "Dada" happen sometimes, as well, but neither seem particularly directed at us.

He makes quick little focused attempts at standing on his own. He climbs up and down off of our bed (it's low to the ground). He loves meat (just like his father and bedstefar). He loves balloons, sticking out his pointer finger to meet yours, doggies, watching the garbage truck in the mornings, anything forbidden (laptops, cords, phones, his parents reading material), his handmade red French spinning top from Faster Julie, hot oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon, walking (or running!) around like a show pony while holding onto our fingers, pooping at the most inopportune times (5 am or right as I rock him to sleep for a nap), going to part time daycare (thanks to wonderful Sharon, her toddler Olivia, and the cutest little Boston Terrier Bug), chewing on his fingers, showers with Mama or Far, playing with other kids (big and small), and his new lift-the-flap farm book from Auntie Cait. He's a real chatterbox-- the only times he's truly quiet are when he's sleeping or being 'kissed' by Bug at daycare.

And, I love him. So very, very much. It's incredible, really.

Monday, January 31, 2011

9 rolls into 10

Before you know it, our 9 month old is 10 months and finally just broke a tooth! No photo documentation as of yet, it's merely a sharp little ridge perceptible to the touch... He's now pulling himself up to standing and wakes up even cuter each morning.

We had a great 3 week trip to California. Between friends and family, driving and eating, we barely had time to do what we really go to the US for: shopping.

Okay, okay. Kidding. But, all we did was visit friends, eat incredible food, drive around, shop at every destination, and enjoy family. Three weeks of sheer bliss (well, many occasions of bliss peppered with moments of lunacy and/or exhaustion.)

Maxwell was a dream come true on both plane trips-- inbound and out-. And, he was amazing nearly the entire time. Towards the end of our visit at Grammy's in Palm Springs, he discovered that Mama and Maxwell are not one and the same. He basically freaked out a few evenings as I tried to sneak off with either Raj for sibling bonding time or my chubby hubby for date nights. All in all, that's a small price to pay for him having been so gosh darn good otherwise, and a little time off.

Our visit with Auntie Sara and Tia D in Occidental was superb. They have a little cabin-esque joint up in beautiful Camp Meeker. We ate, drank, and hiked ourselves merry. I love them so much and miss them terribly every time we're apart.

On the drive back from Grammy's we sneaked in a visit with best friend Caitlyn and her family in Morgan Hill. Three babes under 5, and she and her husband look amazing! (They, like us, know the value of a good, tight swaddle on a newborn for a restful night's sleep!!!) Cait's home looked immaculate. Her girls, Lilly and Jocelyn, were so well behaved, and baby boy Jonas didn't say 'boo' the entire dinner. Cait made a delicious dinner (hoping to get my mitts on those recipes!), kept the kids entertained, and we got a bit of conversation in edgewise (never enough, though, we both agreed). The girls love playing dress up and made sure Maxwell was not left out. Superman came to the rescue!!!!!

Being in SF was so cozy at my Dad's. The best part, however, was watching Gramps interact with his one and only grandson. It was like watching someone fall in love each time he set eyes on Maxwell. Gramps was so good with him, too! They loved watching the neighborhood blue jays fly down to the balcony and scoop up peanuts.

Thank you everyone for the major hospitality! We can't wait to come back for summer!

(Pictures this round: at Caitlyn's and from our recent weekend at my in-law's in Roskilde.)