Friday, December 17, 2010

8 is grrrrrrreat!

My little Maxwell is now over 8 months, and discovering all kinds of new stuff.
He's a crawling machine! His favorite foods seem to be toasted rugbroed (dark, heavy rye bread) sopping with butter and topped with smoked lox.
He also loves drinking water from a real, big boy cup. None of that sippy-cup stuff for this little dude.
People continue to say he's got Daddy's eyes and my smile. Fine by me! However our cards have played out, he's totally friggin' cute!
No teeth to report yet, but he's got a fever for the first time and that might (or might not) be a sign of things to come...
He does a super-duper High Five to melt your heart and is intrigued by Mama's attempts at playing Patti-Cake with him.
Peek-a-boo makes him giggle, as well as Mama or Daddy making animal sounds or blowing on the palm of his teeny hand.
He's an active one, my boy, and he can get from one side of our living room to the other in no-time flat. He especially loves chewing on our spatula and 'catching' this adorable, hand made ball that was a gift from some of our dear friends, Jannik and Andrea. I swear he gets this look of pride when I roll it onto his lap and he jams his arms around it to secure it.

My little rascal definitely whines and cries to get what he wants-- don't know quite what to do. Each little whimper just tugs so hard at my heart-strings. Also, he's just not a gifted sleeper. Any suggestions are very welcome!

What's new with me, you ask?
Well, as of yesterday, the 16th, I finished my last exam for the semester! Whoo-hoo!
Now, all I have left to crank out is my master's thesis, which I am co-writing with a classmate and very close friend, Possum (well, Steph's her real name--see previous post for her cute mug shot). It will explore a public institution that serves the start up and entrepreneurial crowd in Barcelona and is called Barcelona Activa. Basically, DK is start-up heaven... However, the lasting success rate is not so heavenly. Barcelona Activa's business model has tripled the long-term success rate for start-ups in their area and we want to explore the possibility of applying a similar model here. We'll see how it takes shape...

I have gotten a part-time job with one of those rarer CPH-based success stories. The Anti Sleep Pilot is a very cool new technology that calculates driver fatigue and, thus, helps prevent traffic accidents. You might be surprised, or not, to know that tired drivers are as dangerous as intoxicated ones. My job isn't so glamorous: I'm a proofreader of all English documents-- from the product manual to website content. We were recently featured in the New York Times: How's that for pretty darn awesome?

My totally adorable chubby hubby, you want to know about?
He's wonderful! We've joined a gym for the winter. Now, our hot dates are basically when we can get his little sister, Julie, to babysit for an hour or so while we go work out together. Awwww. How romantic.

Early this past summer he ended up getting his friend, Marie, a job at his work. Let me just say, that not only has she won a coveted DK communications award for her work making the national Nature Day a wild success, but she's now shifted departments and sits in Bjarni's office. Those two have so much fun! I'm happy that for my husband, work is not really one of those 'four-letter' words, if you catch my drift.

He's been sneaking some fishing in here and there, and although I know it's been too long since our last visit to the great outdoors and our little church in Sweden, it does help for him to get out and cast his line once in awhile here.

In one week, we will be facing the final countdown for our departure to the US. We'll celebrate Christmas, Danish style, here on the 24th-- with family, roast pork and duck, sauteed red cabbage, a creamy rice pudding with cherry sauce, and singing around the tree. Then, we leave at the crack of dawn to hop a flight to SF on the 25th. If all goes as planned (we do have a layover in Minneapolis), then Christmas also awaits us and our exhausted bodies on the West Coast.

We can't wait. I'm nervous for this long-haul with baby, but with my husband, the rock, at my side I know we'll do just fine.

Happy Holidays, ya'll!

(Our camera has yet to turn up, so you get some very low-res pics off my web-cam...)