Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 up

I know, I know: this post is overdue. Maxwell turned 7 months last Friday.

I do have some good excuses at my disposal, however. For one thing, I have had an awful sinus infection the past 10 days. I'd never had one before and man alive! if they aren't killer. That headache that feels like someone is squeezing my skull like I used to do to my Barbies' heads till I laughed at how ridiculous their narrow faces looked (kinda how that actor, James van Der Beek, from Dawson's Creek looks...). I couldn't even bend forward to spit out toothpaste without wincing. And, then comes the drainage. I will leave out details here, but I'm still recovering.

Secondly, we cannot get Maxwell to sleep well at night. The once sleeping boy-wonder has just not gotten back on track since his first bout of bronchitis back at 4.5 months old. Naturally, he did also pick up a stuffy nose this past week to show his Mama some solidarity.

I have researched, scouring the internet for help, advice, tips, anything. I read parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley's the No Cry Sleep Solution. We have both laid with him for hours while soothing him, offering bottles of water, humming the Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat. We've simultaneously worked with the little rascal on longer daytime naps. (It seems he's an incurable powernapper.) All to no avail. A few days ago there was one fussy spree in the middle of the night that lasted 2.5 hours.

Enough of the pity-party.

With 18 lbs of pure muscle & chub to work with, Max is getting closer to crawling. He just needs to figure out how to lift his head whilst he lifts his baby butt and he'll be scurrying around like a little Tasmanian Devil. Right now, as soon as the hiney goes up, the head bows down in his version of Downward Dog.

Other new things he does:

In a rather unrefined way, he releases the round ball into its appropriate hole (as long as I hold the shape sorting toy at the right angle).

I can barely strap a diaper on him during changes with all his rolling this way and that.

He's totally intrigued by the mysterious power of on/off switches.

He giggles when you move eyebrows up and down in a "what's cookin', good lookin'?" sort of way.

He sits up unassisted like a champ.

He stuffs his own pacifier in his mouth. (And, takes it out which is so totally annoying when he's trying to fall asleep. We've taken to placing itty bitty gloves over his hands while he sleeps to keep this problem at bay.)

His eyes are still brown toward the center and dark blue around the outside.

He's got his Mama's temper. At least, that's what Daddy says. And, boy does he have a short attention span. Ten minutes with a certain toy is just about his limit.

Other things he especially loves:
Books, Sofie the teething giraffe, his shape sorter, playing peek-a-boo, a singing barnyard toy that Grammy sent all the way from California. He has started to kick with his feet to hit the musical buttons. (Can you say future soccer player?)

Now, I've never been a mother in the US of A, but there are some interesting cultural observations I've made anyway:

My home nurse came to talk to my mother's group (a group of foreign ladies who have babies here in CPH-- from Taiwan, France, Wisconsin, and me) about solid foods and baby nutrition. According to her, I was already behind on starting Maxwell on dairy and meat at 6.5 months. In Denmark, infants start receiving daily doses of both at 6 months! I know that's not what we Americans typically do.

I was also told to start giving him iron drops. We left for Sweden the next day, so I waited to purchase the drops until we made it to the pharmacy over there, and lo and behold. they don't give their babies extra iron unless it's for special reasons as prescribed by the paediatrician. Go figure.

In Denmark, babies often start solids with mashed potatoes and carrots. The French mom in my group was asking me about this because she had done this and when she relayed this information to her mother back in France, she responded with horror, "Oh, no! You don't give potatoes to an infant! Not until she's a year!" Hmmm...

Babies are shuttled outside to sleep here. You take your baby to the backyard in his stroller, make sure he's warm enough and protected from the elements and let him sleep like, what else? a baby. (Well, not like Maxwell the baby sleeps. Ideally, your baby'd nap longer than 20 minutes at a time.)

Not many pictures this time around, at least for the time being. We have misplaced our camera, but hope to find it soon, when we get a little more sleep and stop seeing double...