Sunday, September 5, 2010

High Five!

Lots of good stuff to report here.

Mama Sarita got back in the saddle, and she doesn't mean the proverbial saddle. Yep, I'm riding again. Once a week, advanced class (uh, oh!) and for an hour each time-- a little overkill after a decade's length absence and a year of being out of shape due to pregnancy and childbirth. Nonetheless, it was exhilarating! I rode a stocky Irish Cobb by the name of Robin and We went out galloping across a forest nearby, through ponds and amongst herds of red deer. Amazing! (Albeit, I was saddle sore ALL over my body in such a severe way I could barely function 36 hours post-lesson. Gotta stick with it, Sarita. It WILL get better.)

Bjarni is back to work after a long vacation. Not easy to back into, but I must say he is enjoying the challenge and learning experiences. He gets to travel tons and though we miss him when he is away, we love to hear about the warm reception he and his project get when he is at meetings and conferences. He's recently been to rural Jutland (the peninsula attached to Germany) and will, in the next few months, head to Italy and Germany.

He's getting back into his 'saddle', as well. Mr. Baller-point-guard is back playing with his old basketball team in Fredericksberg (a small, independent city fully immersed Copenhagen).

Maxwell turns 5 months today! High five, Max! He's fast becoming the world's MOST traveled 0 year old. Sweden, Germany, next to Oxford, and then to the US...

I took Maxwell down to Stuttgart, Germany to visit my old friend from Dixon, Kara Forristall (nee Ball), and her little family. DeAnna took the train in from Munich, where she and her boyfriend had been to a friend's wedding. We had a 3 day adventure of chewing the fat, entertaining the boys (Kara's son, Silas, is too cute, and a 1 year old), and trying to get outta the house for at least a little trip about town. Let's just say, getting two wee boys into their car seats during a downpour whilst carrying, like, 3 diaper bags each and umbrellas to boot was not the easiest of undertakings. Kara is a mother-extraordinaire! I'm not just blowing smoke up her hiney. She does it all with creativity and grace-- an inspiration to me.

DeAnna totally hacked it with us (carrying babies, pushing strollers, changing pooped-out diapers, and even waking up at 3 am with me and a first-time sicky-pooh Max-- he had a little bout of Baby Bronchitis). Way to go, Jannie Love!

Tia D and her boyfriend, Aron, came to visit us in DK after the Germany excursion: after trying to narrow down what few 'touristy' (ick!) things we would do (lazy canal tours, Christiania walk, Carlsberg brewery tour) we ended up doing what we almost always do-- NOTHING! Nothing but quality down time. Talking, laughing, cooking, eating, drinking, and being utterly merry. Total indulgence. The only thing we lacked was our final Charlie's Angels counterpart, Sara, and her boyfriend, Uncle Cheddy.

The visit with Kara and my time with D were way too short. WAY too short. I miss my friends, my sisters so much everyday. I cannot wait until I can once again be foolish enough to take their regular presence in my life a bit for granted.

Maxwell is now beginning on solids. Auntie Kara gave us yummy organic pumpkin and although his little tongue often pushes spoonfuls out again or he blows bubbles with it, he does love it.

Stats: He's 15 lbs. He stands up like a champ and has been for the past month and a half. He rolls over from back to belly and belly to back. He is quickly learning how to take his pacifier and put it into his mouth. His eyes are definitely going a neat shade of creamy cafe au lait. He giggles regularly and is generally a very happy little baby. He loves being read to (Mr. Smarty Pants), and is so talkative sometimes we have to turn a movie off simply because we can't hear over his incessant babbling. People stop me on the street or in shops to remark how "sød", or sweet/cute, he is. He also enjoys having time in his own little baby world. For example, we went out on a family walk yesterday evening. Baby had apparently woken up from his nap in the stroller and Bjarni and I leaned over it to talk to him when he almost broke out into cries at having been the slightest bit interrupted from his skyward daydreaming.

Well, tomorrow I start my LAST semester of class; last two courses EVER. This is HUGE. I could have been Dr. Serup by now, man. Also, I will be working on a female entrepreneurship platform with two dear friends and peers on behalf of ArtRebels ( the Danish government's entrepreneurship fund. Bedstefar will come in from the suburbs to watch his grandson for the few hours I have to be away each week. Good, quality male bonding!

Pictures this week include one of our house in Sweden with Bjarni's last minute house project: a fence across the front of our property-- oh, how I love a man who can work with his hands ;), one of Maxwell in his Snugli carrier (thanks, Auntie Mila!), at our first family camp-out on the east coast of Sweden, one with Faster Bjørg and Far, a few with Tia D (and Uncle Aron), and another playing around with Faster Julie.