Thursday, August 5, 2010


We just have so many good ones we'd liked to share with ya'll, so this post includes more eye-candy for your viewing pleasure!
In the mix you'll find Max gazing at the fireplace-- he will lay and watch it endlessly, another of a dinner party we had during the time we spent in Roskilde with my in-laws, one of Bedstemor and Faster Julie playing with Max, and finally a choice shot of Bjarni and son proudly showing off the new floor & ceiling they installed in our outhouse, aka The Doodlery 'cause that's where we make our doodles!
Oh! And, there's also a favorite of mine of Maxwell with his long hair that sticks out over his ears all goofy-like. I call that his "Bill Murray 'do"... Think What About Bob, and I think you'll agree...

Greetings from Sweden. We are roughing it out here in Småland, Sweden and have been for the past 2-3 weeks. Although, I don't think Bjarni would quite call it 'roughing' it. No indoor shower or toilet doesn't phase us, but it would probably make most people think twice about spending their precious vacation time in our vacation house. We love it.

Maxwell turns 4 months today. He is just starting to teeth, so gets a bit grumpy sometimes and the remedy is usually a good nosh on one of our knuckles. We can't see a little white bud along his front gums, however and that makes me relax-- you see, I'm not quite ready for his beautiful toothless grin to grow up. Just give me a month or two more of gummy goodness, please.

He has discovered his little tongue and likes to blow bubbles with it pursed between his kissable lips and usually copies us when we take the lead. He giggled for us for the first time and, for lack of a better analogy, it seemed like we were really having a 'conversation' with him at that point. I mean, he smiles like crazy, but to get a real, honest-to-goodness laugh was something so grown up in a way. Smiles are great, laughs are spectacular! He is very outgoing-- loves to make eye contact and engage people and is showing signs of noticing animals, too-- but he is also displaying an endearing shyness. For example, when he looks in the mirror he concentrates, smiles, and then looks away. Or, when Mama makes kissing sounds and approaches him, he smiles and turns his cheek. I love it. He's too cute and he knows it. With Daddy's help, he pulls himself up to a standing position from laying down. Max's got wicked little baby abs, man!

On my front, I just went back to Copenhagen by train for 24 hours to take a final exam from last semester. Managerial Finance and Accounting, be gone! I am so happy to have passed and to have left that immensely boring 'foreign language' behind me. If I never have to open another accounting book again, it will be too soon. Good riddance Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Absorption Costing! I am now officially caught up in school and it feels super swell to know I have not fallen behind in anything.
I am also (finally) enjoying summer vacation unfettered. Reading pleasure books (just finished East of Eden, thank you for lending it Sara Jean), and am now onto my very first Dicken's book-- Great Expectations. By page 30, I had already laughed about a half a dozen times. Not to sound high brow, but I truly only laugh out loud by really good humor, I mean, really, really witty and dry humor. Dickens does it. And it transcends cultures and centuries; a mark of a true master.
When we return from Sweden in a week and a half, Maxwell will be taking his first passport pictures because he and Mama are taking off for a little holiday adventure to visit old friends outside Stuttgart, Germany. My best friend, DeAnna, and I will meet up at a dear old friend's place there for a few days of good old fashioned girl bonding. Well-deserved on my part, if I may so brazenly say so. It goes without saying, I am SO excited.

Bjarni has been enjoying time off of work-- we often wonder aloud how it will be in the US regarding vacation time. We are used to having at least 6 weeks off each year. Hmmmmm. Evil socialists enjoying down time. Something must be awry.

This is getting too long.

Pictures you get this time around are of Bjarni and friends at their Colonihave (Colony-garden, which are summertime gardens and small houses that line the outskirts of the city for urban-dwellers), me and Maxwell like a kangaroo mama in front of my art, Max's toothless grin, sitting up like a grump, and a morning hair shot.