Thursday, July 15, 2010


That's how we feel as we wake up on this first anniversary of ours.

I won't put words into Bjarni's mouth, but I feel immeasurably lucky. My husband is fabulous in that role and an even better father to our son. He prioritizes me and our family, works hard, plays harder, is so silly, has a great sense of humor, shares the same values as me, practices the art of communication, is adventurous, and healthy. Again, lucky me.

Maxwell and I just got back from spending a week with my wonderful in laws in Roskilde, and Bjarni just returned from a 10 day hiking and trouble-making trip with 5 best buds.

Today, we celebrate our anniversary by packing right back up and heading out with some great audio books and our love in tow for a month in our summer house in the Småland area of Sweden. (If you've ever seen My Life as a Dog-- highly recommended!-- it's the same area.)

You get some of 'Bedstefar's choice' pictures today-- from last Saturday's family gathering at Bedstemor's mother's house.