Monday, June 28, 2010

3, that's a magic number

Maxwell is 3 months old today. That little rascal. And, to commemorate this milestone in his precious baby life he took a big boy poopie on the big boy toilet! Yes, indeed.

I know what you're thinking: "What the what?!"
But, if you only read up on what is known as 'Elimination Communication' you will see how much sense it truly makes. After reading The Diaper Free Baby I took on the part time endeavor to pay attention to my baby's bathroom cues. He grunts, gets a scrunchy look on his face, and sort of curls up when he's getting ready to do his business. So, what I do is then take of his little diaper and we hang out over the toilet while I make a "Pshhhhht" sound repeatedly.

The idea behind this is not to potty train your baby, but to follow the natural instincts we are all born with not to soil ourselves. In regions where diapers do not exist, this is the practice. The baby finally learns to associate the sound "Pshhhhht" with 'elimination'. This is how it works. Mind you I'm only doing this a small portion of the time (when time and energy permits), but it feels great knowing I'm supporting him in his natural instincts and cutting down on the mountains of dirty diapers and episodes of sore diaper rash by doing so.

And, today we caught a big one. Nice.

This past month has been filled with a wonderful visit from Yogi Dada and Babi, taking two exams at school (which went quite well), and national park conferences and meetings that took Bjarni all over the country.

I have wonderful in laws who come to my rescue willingly when I have to head out to do something on my own during the day, say to take an exam or the like. In fact, when Bjarni is out hiking across the mountains from Norway to Sweden on his annual best-friend-bro-down hiking trip next month, I will venture out to my in laws for some cozy time with them and Maxwell. They are so helpful and supportive, allowing me to take a nap in the afternoon or simply lending helping hands. My father in law and I will hopefully undertake homemade ketchup brewing. (Bjarni eats ketchup with just about anything, which for the life of me I do not understand, but hey to each his/her own.) Will let you know how it goes...

I went out to a party for the first time since Maxwell came out to join us and I have to admit, it felt bizarre to be back among people without baby attached to my hip. I felt a bit out of place, but it could also have been the mere fact that it had been a heck of a long time since I'd done anything like it. It did give me a wonderful sense of independence that I had been missing, nonetheless. I guess getting back in the saddle comes with saddlesores sometimes. Maybe I will try to make it a point to take an evening out with friends once a month, at the very least, from now on; you know, dust off my dancing shoes and paint the town red on occasion.

Back to what's more interesting: Maxwell. He's so determined with his hands as he tries relentlessly to grab dangling toys. He giggles with Daddy every morning while Mommy catches a few extra minutes of shut eye. People from my camp say he looks like Bjarni and those from his say he looks most like me. That must mean he looks like a dead on mix, right?

He's growing like a weed, but remains a more slender babe; not like those super chunked out 3 month olds. He's got delicious rolls to nibble on and Mommy loves snacking on them!

He gets fussy when lying on his back for too long and quiets down when we support him while he stands or 'walks' around. He's a go getter!

His eyes are still mostly dark blue, but they continue to change slowly into a beautiful milky brown.

He has his dad's troll-like finger-toes atop fairly big feet and has long fingers that will undoubtedly eventually palm a b-ball and strum a guitar.

His skin is becoming a beautiful olive color.

He sleeps at least 5 hours in a row each night, but more often than not 7+. When he does wake, he eats a bit and then drifts right back off to the land of nod for a few more hours shut eye. (We count our blessings, let me tell you.)

To round off this long post, I would like to share a recipe for one of my favorite Danish summer treats: Koldskål(pronounced 'cold skoal', means coldbowl).

for 4 people:

6 1/2 Cups buttermilk
2 eggs (use pasteurized!)
3/4 Cup of sugar
1 lemon
1 grated lemon peel
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Beat sugar and eggs firmly together and add buttermilk, lemon juice and the grated lemon peel and vanilla. Leave it in the refrigerator for one hour before serving. We serve it with "kammerjunkere" which are small hard cookies much like those old school Nilla Wafers (only way better), but you can also serve it with various fruits if you want.

You can always add more lemon juice if you want it more bitter or more sugar/vanilla if you want it to be sweeter.

And, the recipe for kammerjunkere (pronounced 'cammeryoonker-uh') that you crumble up into the koldskål before gobbling it all up:
2 3/4 Cups of flour
1/2 Cup + 1 tbs of butter
1/3 Cup of sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
1/4 Cup (a bit less than) buttermilk
A smidgen of cardamom

Mix everything together. Roll the dough intro a long sausage-like shape and cut off small pieces about the size of a walnut. Roll these small pieces into small balls and bake them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 425 F (220 C).
Before the cookies get cold you cut them in two and grill them in the oven at 375 F (190 C).

Mama out.